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3 YEARS Enameled Mug

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2023年12月10日(日) 販売終了

こちらの商品は国内送料無料です。ご購入後 2~3週間前後でお届けします (年内発送)。

It has been three years since HOKKAIDO GRAPHY was born. The characteristic designs used in previous products have been made into enamel mugs. A special product overflowing with Hokkaido love.

A little bit special with a light and sturdy enamel mug. It can be used at home, of course, but it can also be used on an open fire, so you can heat up drinks or cook minimalist dishes in outdoor settings. Alternatively, you can also put it in the freezer. Fashionable enamel goods are also very useful as interior items.

- Made of enamel.

- Size: height 8 cm, diameter 8.25 cm.

- White coating, silver rim.

- Hand wash only.

Note: Prolonged exposure to direct heat may damage the mug. Also, the mug may become hot, so please use with care.